Solex TV APK 3.1.2 Latest app for Android [10.5 MB]

Solex TV

 Providing a wide variety of experience for many tv programs and movies is the main function of this above TV app. Approximately there are about 10000 records included in this app. Think about the function of the TV or Tv channels. That is providing international and local news and performing a mode of entertainment. But that is limited. It mainly depends on the country or the region. Therefore people would like to experience more beyond what they have. Because of that, they are curious to find a solution for that. Thus above is the real solution for this above problem. First of all, you have to identify this is not like other TV apps. Solex TV is the only solution to the presence of the above problem.

      As I told in the above over 10000 records at the fingertips of yours. This android app provides you with unlimited features. That means that you would get never-ending moments of excitement. 

   Then we will move to the essential part of this article. You required the following details before you download this app. 

The latest version of the app- 3.1. 2 is the latest version 

Size of the app – That is about 10.5 Mb sized app 

The requirement of the android version – this app required about 5.0 and upwards. 

The developer of the app –  Solex developers are the developer of the app 

Downloads of the app – now 10, 000,000+ downloads have performed 

 Now you know what you wanted. Then, 

Solex TV APK Download


  You can just tap on the download button. We have provided how to download it. Then, click install and after a few seconds, you can enjoy the app.

How to Download Solex TV APK to PC

  You can just tap on the download button. We have provided how to download it. Then after that, we will see the features of the above tv app. 

Features in Solex TV 

  • This app is with the movies and TV episodes with advanced qualities. 
  • Those contents are with only the release of the Blue Ray 
  •  There are no ads contained in this app that disturb your entertainment.
  • It is with a better user interface. That can be known as a unique one
  • You can see all the categories in the interface. There are genres such as comedy, drama, and horror, etc. 
  • You can choose a channel that will be suitable for your favor 
  • Also, You don’t need to root the device in order to use this app 
  • You have all the freedom to watch anyone that you would like to watch 
  • Solex Tv’s  HD resolution maintains the quality above all apps.
  • It is an app full of safety 
  • This app supported the gamepads by Bluetooth 
  • You don’t need to sign up in order to use this app 
  • This is from a trusted source 
  • You can connect it to the big screens 
  • Channels from America and Canada have been added to the lists 
  • This app will be updated automatically 
Solex TV

Now you know all the features of this app. Most people are worried about the safety of this app. As I described above this is a legal app and you don’t need to worry about safety while using this app.

FAQs about Solex TV

  • Is this app totally safe? 

  Yes, totally safe. The file is scanned therefore not anything that is harmful to the users. 

  • Are there any ads?

   No ads don’t contain it here. 

  • Is this compatible with the iPhone?  

   Still, there is no. But the developers are trying to introduce it. 

  • Is this free? 

  Yes, Solex TV is totally free. No need to pay a single amount. 

 Therefore I think you could identify the importance of the app. You can enjoy more things. Try it today and see the difference. 

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