Spotify APK v2.2.5 latest version download for android[9.1MB]

Mainly this Spotify app contains a million records of the songs and podcasts here. Those all features offered for free. Surely you are using this app. Because that is a worldwide famous app. You can find all the favorite things from this app. Favorite things mean the favorite music and other podcasts. That means you can access many kinds of podcasts and songs out of here. What kind of a chance like that. But think those all are free and in one place. However it is true. I think there is no such kind of app that I couldn’t find anywhere.

   I think you have to understand about this app after you have used that app. It is much better. Then we will share some important and initial details about this app. Those will be required for the downloading  

  • Size of the app –  this is about 24.34 MB sized app 
  • The developer of the app – Spotify Ltd.  is the developer of the app 
  • The latest version of the app – that is 8.5. 45.620 is the latest version. 
  • The requirement for the app – Spotify account is essential for working for the app. Also you need an active Internet connection for working with this app. 

Now you know about them. Then, 

How can I download the Spotify app for my mobile device? 


  • Just click on the download button where I had provided 
  • Then it will be downloaded after some time. 
  • Tap on the install button 
  • Work with the above app after finishing it installing.


How could I download the Spotify app for my pc?

  • Go to the and than download the pc setup
  • Click on the download link that provided in the above 
  • Then click on the install after the downloading 
  • Then work with that after the installation 

So then we will move to another significant part of the description. That is about the features. The following are the main features included in there. 

Features of the Spotify app 

  • Mainly this is a music streaming service 
  • You can sign up by using your email account. 
  • You can set your favorite ones available in the offline 
  • There are about 10,000 of offline songs will available 
  • Downloading records from Spotify is not a difficult task. That is very easy. 
  • The usage of the data amount will depend on the quality that you are using 
  • This is supported by high-quality audio and streaming quality. 
  • The connecting of the devices via the Bluetooth 

Those are about the initial and the primary features of the Spotify app. Then we will consider the legal confirmation of the app.

   Because most of the people are worrying about the safety and the permission by the law. There is no restriction against the usage of the app. Therefore you can freely use this app. 

FAQs of the Spotify app 

Q: Is this app for free?  

A: No, this is not totally free but there is a free version. You need to pay $4.99 to $14.99 as the package. 

Q: What are the requirements needed in order to use this app? 

A: The main thing is you need to have a rich Internet connection. Also you have to create a Spotify account. 

Q: What are the regions that this app is available? 

A: This app is available worldwide. 

Q: What is the category of this app? 

A: This app can be categorized as a utility app. 

Q: Is this safe for my device? 

A: Yes, this is totally safe. Nothing to worry about that. 


 Then you have collected more impressive details about the Spotify app. Sometimes you are using this app in this initial situation. However it is the same as the largest music and podcast library in the world. The significant feature is that all of them are free. If you haven’t tried it try it and see the experience today. Also checkout popcorn time app for watching movies freely.

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