ZArchiver APK Download For Android Devices Officially

Create, decompress and compress any file type you require with the device you have. Just simply the zarchiver Apk helps to organize your all archive files easily.  Everything that you need to perform with the compressed files is allowed to do with this amazing zarchiver Apk. What you have to do is just install this app on your device. You will get what you want with your fingertips.

zarchiver apk

Basic information of Zarchiver Apk

The zarchiver lets you manage any compressed file from your device. You require the necessary conditions to make compressed files. If the files are located in the SD card also easily you could create the archive files. If you want to observe the inside of the created archives, that also can be done easily with the zarchiver. So if you want to perform such a task, then do it today.


Features of the Zarchiver Apk

  • The zarchiver Apk allows you to create compressed files in formats such as 7z, zip, XZ, tar etc.
  • Users can view the file formats such as 7z, rar, zip, iso, arj, tar and cab etc.
  • Here you can make your files protected by using the passwords. This is a specific function provided by the zarchiver. Create compressed files and then protect them with a password.
  • you know the main function of the app as the view and decompress the folders located in your device. 
  • Sometimes the app is acting as a file manager for your device. It will manage the files located within your device and the external device of the memory.
  • The zarchiver Apk is known to be one of the fastest zipping and unzipping android applications.
  • By zipping the files, the app saves the user from moving your files to your computer from the android device.
  • The app requires permission to access your device.
  • Can perform partial archive decompression.
  • Extract the split archives.
  • Super easy file manager. 
  • The zarchiver Apk contains only simple procedures that anyone can understand.

How to download Zarchiver Apk?

By using the following given download link easily you can download the Zarchiver Apk.

  • Click on the download link.
  • Sometime later the app will finish its downloading process.
  • You can find the app through recently downloaded files.
  • Then launch the app by opening the downloaded apps.
  • Allow for the permissions requested by the app. 
  • Feel free and continue your task of yours.


Q: Is this safe to download?

A: Yes, this is totally safe to download. There are no harmful things that are contained within the app. So feel safe and continue your tasks.

Q: Is that safe to allow all the permissions requested by the app?

A: Yes, don’t worry. Here the Zarchiver Apk is requesting permission to access all internal storage. Some of you are worried about that. But don’t worry your data is never at risk.

Here the all given facts are regarding the Zarchiver Apk. Now you can continue your task very freely. Just install it and try it yourselves. When compared with the other app types, the best thing you will get is security.  So now it is your turn.

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