ZiniTevi APK v1 . 1 . 7 Latest app download [13.4 MB]

In today’s smartphones have been the closest friends of humans. In fact, most people favor watching films and TV shows on their smartphones. Zinitevi Android APK is the best application for your purpose. As I said before ZiniTevi Android APK comes with tons of TV shows and films. Doesn’t matter which cinematic category you favor … Read more

Spotify APK v2.2.5 latest version download for android[9.1MB]

Mainly this Spotify app contains a million records of the songs and podcasts here. Those all features offered for free. Surely you are using this app. Because that is a worldwide famous app. You can find all the favorite things from this app. Favorite things mean the favorite music and other podcasts. That means you … Read more

Moviebase APK v2.2.5 latest version download for android[9.1MB]

Looking for an application to explore details about your favorite TV series? Or Films? Here it is. Moviebase application for your purpose. As I said before, Moviebase app created for exploring and tracking every content of TV series or films from the community databases. So this is for neither watching films nor TV series. If … Read more

Solex TV APK 3.1.2 Latest app for Android [10.5 MB]

 Providing a wide variety of experience for many tv programs and movies is the main function of this above TV app. Approximately there are about 10000 records included in this app. Think about the function of the TV or Tv channels. That is providing international and local news and performing a mode of entertainment. But that … Read more